HSE Services

HSE Services

At a time of increasing pressure on acute hospital care, doctors and health care
administrators are seeking viable alternatives to treating all patients entirely in hospital. The TCP Group delivers just such an alternative.

TCP Group has been delivering medical services in the community for over ten years, acquiring a reputation for quality and excellent service in the process.


Pilot studies that TCP Homecare has conducted with leading teaching hospitals have
concluded that significant saving on costs and resources can arise when patients are treated in the home.

For example;

  • A pilot study of antibiotics delivered to the home revealed a 50% saving on the equivalent cost if the patient had been treated in a hospital bed.
  • Travel costs incurred by the patient are all but totally eliminated, reducing further the anxiety of the patient.
  • The TCP model of care has the effect of streamlining the supply chain, bringing the patient closer to the doctor, thus eliminating some supply chain associated costs.