Innovation & Technology


TCP Group utilises bespoke technology solutions, developed in conjunction with our IT partners. We are continually seeking to apply new technologies to enhance our services and have been recognised at a global level for the innovation we bring to the healthcare market.

Track ‘n Trace system

We have successfully developed an internationally recognised world first IT Track ‘n Trace system, using GS1 serialised bar codes, to manage the supply chain for products requiring full track and trace monitoring such as clotting factor concentrates, vaccines , biologicals and other blood related products.


Our Homecare nursing service utilises a bespoke Electronic Patient Management System (EPMS) which allows for the safe and secure transfer of data back to the prescribing unit. Data from each referral is forwarded to the nurses PDA, which in turn allows the nurse to capture the key parameters and data from the visit. On return of the data to the secure server, it is automatically formulated into a visit report prior to being forwarded in real time back to the prescribing unit. This provides a robust platform for the collection and analysis of patient data while also providing confidence to the hospital treating team.*

Centralised patient care bureau

Our centralised patient care bureau ensures that all patient referrals are processed in a standardised manner through our Electronic Patient Management System (EPMS), thus ensuring that patients receive a home nurse visit within the correct time parameters. All details relating to the particular patient visit are sent in a secure and encrypted format to the nurse’s handheld PDA device.

*TCP Homecare is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and fulfils all of our responsibilities relating to patient data and confidentiality.