Sharps Waste Management

Sharps Waste Management

The Sharps Bin Waste Management Service includes;

  • The supply and delivery of Sharps Bins to patients
  • The collection and replacement of Sharps Bins from patients once full
  • The disposal of the returned Sharps Bins through SRCL Ltd., a licensed waste disposal company

The Sharps Bin Waste Management service is unique in that data matrix bar codes are affixed to each sharps bin delivered to a patient, ensuring the bin can be fully tracked and traced at all times.

The use of data matrix bar codes in the Sharps Bin Waste Management system ensures the full traceability of each sharps bin delivered to a patient and enables TCP to guarantee that all bins delivered are collected and disposed of appropriately.

TCP’s waste management service meets all regulatory standards, comprising of;

  • TCP Logistics holds a national ‘Waste Collection Permit’ covering local authorities in Ireland
  • HazChem trained drivers
  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)
  • Fulfils the criteria of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road legislation