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Padraig Duff

Padraig Duff is a Science graduate of UCD with 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.

During his 5 years as Hospital Manager with Lederle & Wyeth Labotatories he gained essential experience in antibiotics, biologicals, and oncology. He later went on to serve as General Manager of Organon Laboratories in Ireland for 3 years. Padraig is a founder member of TCP Homecare and co-developed the first homecare company specialising in the total turnkey solution for hospital care in the home.

He successfully developed the first Electronic Patient Management System for the scheduling of nursing visits and digitalised reports back to the treating physicians.  Padraig works very closely with Client Companies developing Patient-Centric Services; looking at new ways of engaging with Patients to offer the highest quality of Nursing Care and ensuring on-going support to maximize the Patient compliance/adherence to treatment.

This includes the development of new novel IT / Digital solutions which enhances the Patients’ experience. TCP Homecare’s key focus is building services around the patient and ensuring the best possible Patient experience whilst being managed by any of TCP Homecare’s services.